1. To facilitate accessible and affordable quality education that leverages the students with scholarly and professional skills and moral principles from a global perspective.
  2. To encourage faculty and students to undertake research to address basic and regional health problems.
  3. To integrate a national and international perspective into fundamental missions of teaching, research, patient care, training, and consultancy.
  4. To build a wealth of academic resources for sustainable development.
  5. To engage in transferring knowledge to society to strengthen and elevate the community potential.
  6. To increase the competitiveness of India in Homoeopathy at the global level.


  1. To promote and develop Homoeopathy as a part of the National health care delivery system.
  2. To produce Postgraduates in Homoeopathy.
  3. To research various aspects of Mental Health through Homoeopathy and encourage doctoral and post-doctoral programs.
  4. To provide and assist in health care services and facilities for research, evaluation, training, consultation, and guidance related to Homoeopathy.
  5. To conduct experiments and develop patterns of teaching in postgraduate education on various aspects of Homoeopathy.