The new building complex with an additional 50 beds facility was inaugurated by Sri. Kodikkunnil Suresh, The then Hon’ble Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Govt. of India on 25th Feb.2014. The Institute presently has 100 bedded facilities, including 17 pay wards of 7 A/C rooms and 10 non-A/C rooms. In IPD patients are provided with diet, recreational facilities, and vocational training as per the need of the condition.


Inpatient services are provided for those who require continuous observation and care according to the disease condition. The IPD admission is to be decided by the concerned doctor and proper written direction to be given to the Sister Incharge for admission. All the admissions are coordinated by the Sister Incharge in consultation with the Medical superintendent. A preliminary assessment is done by the PGT who has been entrusted to look after the patient. Complete evaluation and prescriptions shall be made by the doctor in charge after discussion with the PGT.

Psychiatry: In-Patient Care

1. In-patient admission
  • Admissions to the hospital can be done on a voluntary or involuntary basis as per mental health laws and regulations of the country
  • The duration of stay can vary depending on an individual patient’s condition.
  • In-patient admission especially to psychiatry wards is done only when another relative/ family member or a close confidant is available to stay with the patient round the clock. The
    same-gender is preferable as bystanders, especially in Female wards. This is hospital policy and is non-negotiable for safety and security reasons
  • Once you/ your relative’s treating doctor decides to admit you, you will be sent to the admission counter to provide details and for payment, if admitted in pay ward.
  • You will be received by the nursing staff who will also explain to you the rules and regulations of the hospital and the visit times of the doctors, therapists, and residents.
2. Hospital Stay
  1. A team of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, psychiatric social workers, occupational therapists, and psychiatric nurses will take care of you when you are admitted.
  2. The consulting physician treating will see you on Consultant Rounds.
  3. You will be seen by a junior resident and a senior resident (PG) daily. Any clarifications can be held with the nursing staff or the senior resident. The senior physician will directly supervise the senior resident. The Consultant is aware of all your details through the residents. Senior Residents will be appraising the patient’s progress to your consulting doctor regularly.
  4. Required therapists and counselors will also be seeing you if required daily.
  5. You may also be referred to various other departments and therapies depending on your need.
3. Discharge process
  • The discharge date is intimated by the treating doctor well in advance. Be sure to prepare yourself for discharge and clarify all you need with the resident
  • You/ your relative will be given a discharge summary from the hospital with all your treatment details. At the same time, you will be prescribed medications and will be given a follow-up date that coincides with the treating team’s follow up schedule (as explained above)
  • Any other therapies that require follow up on an out-patient basis will be intimated to you by the respective therapist. You need to follow up with them separately and that following up with your treating doctor.