Pharmacovigilance for ASU &H drugs is a central sector scheme of a three-tier network under the Ministry of AYUSH. The activities are reported monthly to the Intermediary Centre for Pharmacovigilance (IPvC), at the National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata. From the IPvC, causality assessments of signals are made and are again reported to the higher centre at All India Institute of Ayurveda, New Delhi which has been designated as the National Pharmacovigilance Coordination Centre.

NHRIMH, Kottayam has been designated as one of the Peripheral Pharmacovigilance Centres (PPvC) under the Central Sector Scheme of Pharmacovigilance for ASU&H drugs since July 2018. The Officer in Charge of the institute, Dr. K.C Muraleedharan is serving as the coordinator of PPvC, Kottayam. The activities of the pharmacovigilance centre are being assisted by Dr.Anju V Nath, Programme Assistant.

Activities of PPvC

  1. Conducting Orientation programs on Pharmacovigilance among homoeopathic physicians and paramedical staff working under dept. of homoeopathy all over the state Kerala
  2. Collection of reports of Adverse Drug Events after administering any homoeopathic medicine from an identifiable reporter.
  3. Sending the collected Adverse Drug Events (ADE)/Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) report to IPvC & NPvC.
  4. Tracing Misleading advertisements in the homoeopathy sector as per objectionable advertisement act 1954.
  5. Reporting identifiable misleading advertisements and claims regarding homoeopathic medicines in print, TV, and electronic media to The Drugs Controller &Licensing Authority, Govt of Kerala
  6. Report of the action taken by the State Licensing Authority is being periodically sent to higher pharmacovigilance centre (NPvC).
  7. Ensuring Patient safety at all levels (Materiovigilance, Haemovigilance, drug vigilance)